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Professional locksmiths provide a number of residential services. A homeowner may need to have a broken or jammed lock repaired or changed. The locks on a newly purchased home need to be rekeyed, or the new residents need to have new door keys cut. And sooner or later, just about everyone will find they’ve been locked out of the house. Skilled Locksmith has trained technicians available in Rosenberg, TX, 24 hours every day to respond quickly, whatever your need is.


Locks at your Rosenberg business are a serious matter. Access is critical, and needs to be secure and controlled. Our skilled technicians can help, whether you need new locks installed in your office, warehouse or yard, or need your current locks rekeyed or changed. We come prepared to repair or replace not only your door locks, but also your file cabinet locks, and can rekey meters. We treat every call like an emergency to offer quick, responsive service.


Skilled Locksmith offers emergency response automotive locksmith services at affordable rates. If you’ve locked your keys in the car or in the trunk, our professional technicians can be there in a matter of minutes to help. Our trained locksmiths are available 24 hours to unlock your car or replace your car key. We can also rekey your car locks, or replace defective ones in all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles to RVs and commercial trucks.

Door Lock Change

A homeowner might want to change home door locks for any number of reasons. Older locks may be overdue to be replaced with more updated models. After a break-in, homeowners often want new and more secure hardware. Our professionally trained technicians are experienced with installation and replacement of a variety of lock types, and will be available 24 hours to help change any style of residential door locks.

Lock Rekeying and Repair

Malfunctioning locks don’t always need to be replaced. Sometimes a faulty lock can be repaired. Some locks can be made functional again by rekeying – replacing the cylinder part of the lock mechanism. Professionally trained locksmiths who have experience with a variety of lock types, can figure out the best way to proceed with the locks that you trust to secure your doors, windows, or car.

Door Key Cutting

Keys sometimes can be lost, stolen, or even broken. In case of an emergency, it’s always wise to have a spare set of keys stashed away somewhere. Do you know who you can call when you need to get house keys made? Each of our locksmiths is also a trained keysmith, experienced in key duplication. Our expert key makers can copy all of your keys so that you never have to worry about being locked out.

House Lockout Service

Sooner or later it happens to everyone – you walked out the front door of your home without your keys, and now you’re locked out of the house. Or maybe your key just isn’t working in the lock. When this happens it always feels like an emergency, and we treat it like one. We’ll arrive in minutes to help, 24 hours a day, whether it’s just to let you back in or replacing the faulty locks that caused your problem.

Car Unlock Service

Everyone is so busy these days, juggling kids, activities and groceries, dry cleaning, and the ever-present smartphone… it’s only inevitable that you will find yourself locked out of your car. Maybe you can see the keys right there on the seat or perhaps they’re even in the trunk. You need a mobile locksmith who will treat your emergency like the priority it is. Our trained locksmiths are ready to help and get you back on track.

Car Key Replacement

Car keys have become far more than just keys, making car key cutting a somewhat specialized service. Not only do they lock and unlock doors and start your car when inserted into the lock or ignition, they also have electronic transponder chips for enhanced safety that may require programming. Our professional locksmiths are trained in working with a variety of auto locks, keys and fobs, We are available 24 hours to help get you back on the road.

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Oh, we had to be in Rosenberg too, there is no way we will deprive this wonderful city of professional locksmith services. This beautiful city was named after Henry Rosenberg. It is known for its nine municipal parks, excellent transportation system and great weather. The people are friendly and hospitable too. It is a good thing we are right here to rescue anyone who needs help with their locks.

Skilled locksmith is your local locksmith service; we are a team of experienced locksmiths who can help you when you have issues with your locks. Call us today to resolve issues with your residential locks, commercial locks, and automotive locks. Our automotive locksmith services have been improved to handle many brands of cars with complex keyless entry systems. A fact- we know a lot about all kinds of locks, so call us whenever you need a locksmith in Rosenberg and we will be right there to help you.

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Skilled Locksmith has been operating in Houston and its surrounding areas since 2017. We are a team of professionally trained locksmiths who offer a wide range of services throughout various cities in Texas. We are the reliable rescue team to call when you have any issues with your locks. Our team will repair old locks, replace damaged locks or install new locks as required to resolve your issues.

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