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Your residential property is home to all you call dear, including your loved ones and your valuable possessions. We care about the safety of your house just as much as you do. Our professionals provide a range of residential services, from repairing, rekeying and changing door locks to key cutting. We’re also open 24 hours a day, so we can readily help you with house lockout situations at any time.


Running your own business fills up your schedule and takes enough of your energy as is. Leave the security measures to us. We’ll make sure your locks are efficient and effective by changing and installing locks as needed. We’ll also handle rekeying locks and meters to make sure only people you trust have access to your property. Plus, we’ll replace and repair file cabinet locks to keep your office and business paperwork safe and secure.


Homes, businesses, and automobiles: we help secure them all. We have technicians stationed across Katy, TX, so no matter where you or your vehicle are, we’re here to help. If you find your keys are locked in the car, our car unlock service is the fastest available. We also duplicate vehicle keys if they are lost, broken, or stolen. If you own a motorcycle, we are well-experienced with two-wheel vehicles. We also handle rekeying and replacing car locks as needed.

Door Lock Change

It’s easy to not check up on locks that are rusted, worn down, or simply don’t turn as easily as they used to. However, these are important signs that shouldn’t be dismissed. Skilled Locksmith provides readily available lock assessments and door lock installation. If your locks have recently seen an attempted break-in, replacements need to be installed. If time has gotten the best of your lock, we’ll put in a new model. We offer fast and affordable services for each and every need.

Lock Rekeying and Repair

When you want your locks for your car, door, or window updated, lock rekeying and repair are readily available services. To rekey a lock, one of our trained professionals will replace the lock’s inner workings so the existing lock will fit a new key. This is a great solution if a key has been lost or stolen. Our locksmiths are also highly experienced in repairing locks to keep them working longer and better.

Door Key Cutting

If you find yourself with a broken key, or if you’ve recently lost a key, we have you covered. Our keysmiths are well-versed in remedying situations such as these with a fast and affordable duplication process. A new copy can be made from an existing lock. If you need a new set of house keys made or a spare, one of our key makers would be happy to service you at any time of day.

House Lockout Service

We can all relate to having a busy day and our heads not screwed on straight. When you’re locked out of your home due to forgetting keys inside, we’re one phone call away from resolving your situation. We’re available 24 hours a day exactly for emergencies such as this, so if it’s day or night, you won’t be waiting alone outside for long.

Car Unlock Service

Being locked out of your car is one of the most frustrating situations that can occur when you’re out and about. Fortunately, our immediate response times to calls mean you won’t be inconvenienced for way too long, unlike with other services. Our mobile locksmiths are stationed across Katy, TX to unlock your car door or trunk in no time. We value fast, affordable service, which means you receive the best assistance available.

Car Key Replacement

Have your car keys been lost or stolen? No worries! We provide immediate help to secure your vehicle. We can erase an old electronic chipped transponder key or remote fob from your vehicle’s system in no time. We also will cut a new ignition or door key and program a new one into your car’s memory. Whatever your situation, our car key replacement services provide personal assistance to help you and your vehicle stay secure.

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Katy has attracted some lucky residents, while many people who live here claim there is hardly a reason they will consider moving to another part of Texas because Katy offers the best of the Texas culture and the heritage many Texans value.

Skilled Locksmiths are in Katy, TX. We are here to help you whenever you have problems with your locks. Our services include residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. We are only a few minutes from any location in Katy, TX. Our reliable and professional locksmith services can be used 24 hours every day. All you need to do is call our telephone lines, and we will be right there to help you.

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Skilled Locksmith has been operating in Houston and its surrounding areas since 2017. We are a team of professionally trained locksmiths who offer a wide range of services throughout various cities in Texas. We are the reliable rescue team to call when you have any issues with your locks. Our team will repair old locks, replace damaged locks or install new locks as required to resolve your issues.

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