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Your home should be easy for you to get into, doubtlessly secure at night or when you’re away, and protected against anyone who would do you or your property harm. With lock change, rekeying, and repair services, Skilled Locksmith can give you peace of mind knowing the right locks are in place and only your keys grant entrance into your Houston house. Beyond installing security, we can also duplicate a new set of house keys and unlock your house for you.


If you run your business out of a commercial property or make a living working from your own office, taking steps to properly secure important possessions and materials isn’t optional. Beyond installing locks, we can help if your security measures are damaged overtime or by an attempted breakin with repair services. Plus, if you’re ever locked out of an area, we can let you back in and make sure you regain access to important file cabinets.


When you search for your key fob to unlock your door, it might not be there. If you’re running errands, you might accidentally lock your keys in the car. Your motorcycle’s key might break off. Your vehicle’s trunk could refuse to open at just the wrong time. Whatever your emergency automotive need, we can deploy a mobile locksmith to your location 24 hours a day. You have places to be and things to do, so we’ll provide speedy assistance.

Door Lock Change

Old locks might not stand up to the test of new methods of breaking in, and sometimes you can’t account for every key that can open your front door. Unfortunately, just having locks in place won’t always protect your home, car, or business. When you need new locks installed within the 77042 ZIP code, Skilled Locksmith can replace your security measures with up-to-date models.

Lock Rekeying and Repair

Missing keys can be more than a temporary inconvenience. If one of your keys finds their way into the wrong person’s possession, then what’s yours might not stay where you expect to find it. To make sure your property stays secure, we offer rekeying services in addition to lock repair. By switching out the internal mechanisms of a car, window, or front door’s lock, your existing lock will then only be compatible with a new set of keys.

Door Key Cutting

Our keysmiths can make key cuttings from existing spares and replace lost or broken door keys quickly. Through our simple duplication process, you can get a new set of house keys made whenever is convenient for you. Whether you need a new copy to avoid getting locked out of your house, would like someone close to you to have access to your home, or need a way for employees to get into your business, Skilled Locksmith is at your service.

House Lockout Service

Even if you feel perfectly safe while stuck outside of your residence at any hour of the night, no one prefers to be locked outside of their own home. You certainly shouldn’t have to lose sleep while waiting for services to arrive at your location. Because we know an emergency situation can happen at any time, we offer services 24 hours a day. When you’re locked out, we can let you back in ASAP.

Car Unlock Service

If you find yourself anywhere within the 77042 ZIP code, you’re within fast reach of one of our professional mobile locksmiths. Being locked out of your car or trunk is an easily fixable situation. Instead of trying to get back into your car after losing or misplacing your keys and possibly damaging your vehicle, let us get you back inside. If you like, we can also make you a new spare key!

Car Key Replacement

When you’re planning on putting your key in the ignition but come up empty-handed or your remote fob is nowhere to be found, you’re in need of fast car key replacement services. We can quickly arrive at your location and help if you need a chipped electronic or transponder key replaced and will easily reprogram your car. Additionally, we can use an existing spare to make a new car key cutting to decrease your odds of being inconvenienced again.

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Skilled Locksmith in Houston TX offers services within the 77042 ZIP code. This area, bisected by Sam Houston Tollway, contains eastern segments of Briarforest and Westchase.

This ZIP code includes Briarforest’s urban neighborhood bracketed by Gessner Road to the east, Westheimer Road to the south, and Hayes Road to the west. A local outdoors attraction, the Buffalo Bayou Bike Trail, makes up the northern border.

A business district, Westchase is south of Westheimer Road, west of Gessner Road, and east of Sam Houston Tollway. Club La Boom Houston is a center for local nightlife, and the Quillian Center entertains younger residents.

Whether you’re locked out of your car, need a new set of keys for your business, or are concerned about your home’s current level of security, we offer 24 hour services to anyone within the 77042 ZIP code. If locks or keys are giving you trouble, give us a call.

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Skilled Locksmith has been operating in Houston and its surrounding areas since 2017. We are a team of professionally trained locksmiths who offer a wide range of services throughout various cities in Texas. We are the reliable rescue team to call when you have any issues with your locks. Our team will repair old locks, replace damaged locks or install new locks as required to resolve your issues.

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