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Skilled Locksmith offers 24-hour emergency house lockout service to the residents of the Houston’s 77057 ZIP code area. Our professional mobile locksmiths are also available to help you with door key cutting, door lock rekeying and repair, and the replacement of damaged locksets. If you have been considering making your home more secure, we can add deadbolts to your exterior doors. Or we can install electronic locksets with the most recent improvements in lock technology.


We provide a full line of commercial locksmith services for your business. We have the locksets necessary to secure your protected information in storage areas that grant access only to authorized employees. And any damaged file cabinet locks can also be repaired or replaced. Should you have any trouble with your office’s exterior locks, we can replace them with electronic locksets and panic bars.


It’s good to know that one of our mobile service vehicles is never very far away, should your keys get locked in the car. Your safety is our concern, and our 24-hour emergency service will get you back on the road—day or night. Our professional locksmiths can duplicate a lost key wherever you are stranded—whether it’s for your motorcycle, car, or truck.

Door Lock Change

We replace damaged locks on-site—at your home or your place of business. The installation of new locksets can not only improve building security but also enhance the appearance of the exterior and interior doors. We offer a full line of both residential and commercial locks that are made to withstand the use and abuse that door hardware gets with heavy daily usage.

Lock Rekeying and Repair

If you have a problem with a lock—whether automotive, residential, or commercial—we have a solution that’s only a phone call away. We can repair or replace damaged window and door locks at your home or place of business. We can rekey the locks on a locally purchased car. Note: after purchasing residential or commercial real estate, it is recommended to rekey all the exterior door locks.

Door Key Cutting

You can get house keys made anywhere in Houston. But will they work? Our duplication service is done on-site from one of our service vehicles. Our keysmiths take great pride in making spare keys that open locks the first time. Whether your key is broken or lost, one of our keysmiths can make a copy of the original key from the lockset itself.

House Lockout Service

There is no need to hide a spare house key somewhere outside. If it is a place that’s easy for you to remember, it will probably be a place that a thief would look to first. And if it is a difficult place to remember, one of our mobile technicians can probably get to your home before you ever find the key. Our house lockout service is available 24 hours a day.

Car Unlock Service

To get locked out of your car can be both embarrassing and inconvenient. But one of our mobile locksmiths will come to your location quickly. And don't be embarrassed. Even with remote keyless entry systems, people regularly lock themselves out of their vehicles. We can unlock the trunk so you can remove your keys, or we can help you retrieve and repair a malfunctioning transponder. And you can get back on the road in short order.

Car Key Replacement

If you are having trouble with the fob for your remote keyless entry, we can replace the chips in the transponder and help with reprogramming the fob. Electronic car locks are more complicated than manual locks. But one of our mobile locksmiths can help you with either type. And if you’ve lost the key to your ignition, we can make an accurate copy of the original. Each of our service vehicles is equipped with our state-of-the-art car key cutting equipment.

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The Buffalo Bayou forms the northern border of the 77057 ZIP Code area. Whether you are locked out of your vehicle at the Houston Country Club on the north or the Houston Flea Market on the south, one of our service vehicles is nearby.

Our car unlock service, and our house lockout service are available 24 hours a day throughout the area. There are many business locations along the area’s busy streets, such as San Felipe Street or Westheimer Road. If you are having trouble with a lock at your place of business, one of our mobile locksmiths can fix or replace the lock on-site.

And we supply a full range of residential lock services throughout the 77057 ZIP Code. Skilled Locksmith can quickly send one of our experienced Houston mobile locksmiths to help you with your lock problem—whether residential, commercial, or automotive.

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Skilled Locksmith has been operating in Houston and its surrounding areas since 2017. We are a team of professionally trained locksmiths who offer a wide range of services throughout various cities in Texas. We are the reliable rescue team to call when you have any issues with your locks. Our team will repair old locks, replace damaged locks or install new locks as required to resolve your issues.

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