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Our mobile locksmiths in the 77055 ZIP code area of Houston TX are available to provide you with professional help for all your residential lock problems. We offer 24-hour emergency house lockout service. Our service trucks are equipped to provide you with on-site door lock rekeying and repair. And if you‘ve been considering enhancing your home’s security, we can add deadbolts to your doors. Or we can replace all of your old locks with modern electronic locksets.


We offer comprehensive lock services for your business. Is it time to replace the worn-out locks in your busy office? We install quality commercial locksets that can withstand constant use. Do you want to avoid taking locks somewhere to be rekeyed when a tenant vacates a rental? We can come to your location and rekey the locks in just a few minutes. And we can help you protect valuable information by repairing or replacing faulty file cabinet locks.


Our mobile locksmiths offer 24-hour assistance if you have locked your keys in the car. We can rekey your vehicle at your location, whether it’s a car, pickup, or motorcycle. And if you have a car lot or an automotive repair center, we can help you with any problem locks too.

Door Lock Change

Our mobile locksmiths can improve the security of your commercial or residential property with the installation of new locksets. But our locksmiths don’t just replace old locks as a part of our installation service. They also recommend improvements to your home or business security—such as the addition of deadbolts and electronic locks. Our door lock change service can add additional protection to your current locking hardware.

Lock Rekeying and Repair

It is recommended to inspect and rekey the door locks for any recent real estate purchase—whether a home or a business. Our mobile locksmiths will check each of your locks for any necessary repairs before rekeying. We can also repair or replace any damaged window locks. And if you’ve recently purchased a local vehicle, consider rekeying the locks.

Door Key Cutting

When you need to get house keys made, we’re as close as a telephone call. One of our mobile keysmiths will come to your home or office and make a spare key that will work the first time correctly. And if you’ve lost a key or have only a broken portion, don’t worry. Our keysmiths can make a key from the existing lock. Our duplication process, using our state-of-the-art equipment, will produce a copy that is equal to the original.

House Lockout Service

Our house lockout service is so quick and easy; you don’t need to hide a spare key somewhere outside. And unless you lock yourself out of your home regularly, it is faster to call us than to try to remember where you hid the key. While you are still trying to find the hidden spare, it is quite likely we can have arrived and already unlocked your front door.

Car Unlock Service

While manual locks are not as standard as they used to be, people still lock their keys in the trunk. And you are not immune to being locked out of your car with a remote keyless entry system. If your key fob fails at a parking garage in the middle of the night, one of our mobile locksmiths will help you get back on the road quickly. We offer 24-hour car unlock services.

Car Key Replacement

Don't worry if you broke off a key in your ignition. One of our expert mobile locksmiths can come to your location and extract the broken key. And they will duplicate your original key with our advanced car key cutting equipment. If the transponder in your remote keyless entry system fails, they can also replace the chips in the transponder and help with the remote fob reprogramming. They can also repair electronic keypads for those vehicles which have them installed.

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The Katy Freeway (Interstate 10) forms the southern border of ZIP Code 77055. Our professional, reliable and affordable locksmiths service the entire area of this Houston, Texas Zip Code, which contains Spring Valley Village and Hilshire Village.
The eastern tip of ZIP Code 77055 is mostly industrial. And our service vehicles are close to you if you need a commercial lock repair or replacement.
Spring Branch East has a high percentage of rental property. Our mobile locksmiths will come to your rental and rekey your units when a tenant vacates the property.
If you have a problem with any electronic locks in Spring Valley Village or Hilshire Village, we can quickly access your home form the Katy Freeway. Our residential lock services include house lockout service and rekeying, replacing, and repairing problem locks.

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Skilled Locksmith has been operating in Houston and its surrounding areas since 2017. We are a team of professionally trained locksmiths who offer a wide range of services throughout various cities in Texas. We are the reliable rescue team to call when you have any issues with your locks. Our team will repair old locks, replace damaged locks or install new locks as required to resolve your issues.

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